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55 inch TCL Smart QLED Android TV – 55C815 – Quantum Dot Display – PLUS FREE WALL MOUNT

KSh88,000.00 KSh73,000.00


KSh300,000.00 KSh252,000.00

Digital Antennae Plus 10 meter Cable

KSh1,500.00 KSh800.00

EEFA – 24″ – HD LED Digital TV – Black


EEFA – 32″ – HD LED SMART Android TV

KSh15,000.00 KSh13,900.00

EEFA 40” Digital LED TV – Black.


EEFA – 32″ – HD LED Digital TV with frameless screen

KSh13,000.00 KSh12,000.00

EEFA 43′ Smart Android Smart LED TV – Black.

KSh25,000.00 KSh23,499.00

EEFA 50′ Smart Android Digital LED TV – Black.


EEFA 55′ Smart 4K Android Digital LED TV – Black.


Hisense – 32″ H32B57KEN HD Digital LED TV + Free Tv Guard

KSh17,000.00 KSh15,500.00

HISENSE – 65″ – 4K UHD LED Smart TV

KSh99,000.00 KSh95,000.00

Hisense 24″ HD Digital LED TV + Free TV Guard

KSh13,500.00 KSh10,999.00

Hisense 32B6000 32″ Smart tv HD TV + Free TV Guard

KSh22,000.00 KSh18,900.00

Hisense 32B6600PA 32″ Smart Android Tv + Free TV Guard (2 Years Warranty)

KSh24,000.00 KSh19,500.00

Hisense 40B6600PA 40″ Full HD Android Smart TV + Free TV Guard

KSh31,999.00 KSh29,990.00

Hisense 40E5600EX 40″ Smart Full HD Tv + Free TV Guard

KSh31,000.00 KSh27,990.00

HISENSE 43 Inch Smart 4k (UHD) TV

KSh44,999.00 KSh37,000.00

Hisense 43B6000 43″ Smart FULL HD LED TV + Free TV Guard

KSh35,000.00 KSh28,500.00

Hisense 43B6600PA 43″ Android Smart Full HD TV + Free TV Guard

KSh36,000.00 KSh32,900.00

Hisense 49″ 49E6500EX Smart Full HD Tv

KSh45,500.00 KSh38,000.00

Hisense 49″ Full HD Smart LED TV 49B6000PW + Free TV Guard

KSh38,000.00 KSh36,990.00

Hisense 50″ 50B7100KEN Smart Android UHD 4K TV + Free TV Guard

KSh48,000.00 KSh45,499.00

Hisense 50″ Smart Android UHD 4K TV + Hisense HS212 Soundbar | HS212 Audio

KSh67,000.00 KSh60,990.00

Hisense 50″ Smart Ultra HD TV + Free TV Guard (2 Years Warranty)

KSh48,000.00 KSh42,990.00

Hisense 50” Smart UHD 4k Active HDR LED TV | 50B7101

KSh42,000.00 KSh39,990.00

Hisense 55″ 55B7101UW 4K Ultra HD Smart Tv + Free TV Guard

KSh57,000.00 KSh49,990.00

HISENSE 55” – UHD 4K Curved Smart LED TV – HDR

KSh74,000.00 KSh69,000.00

Hisense 55″ 55B72KEN Smart Android UHD 4K TV

KSh58,000.00 KSh53,990.00

Hisense 55B7206UW – 55″ UHD 4K LED Smart Android TV

KSh56,000.00 KSh54,000.00

Hisense 58″ 58B7200 Smart Android UHD 4K TV

KSh72,000.00 KSh63,000.00

Hisense 65″ Frameless Android 4K UHD LED Smart TV

KSh105,000.00 KSh94,000.00

Hisense 65B7101 – 65″ – 4K UHD LED Smart TV

KSh88,000.00 KSh76,990.00

Hisense 75 Inch 4K Ultra HD Smart HDR TV

KSh225,000.00 KSh169,990.00

LG – 55″ Smart UHD 4K LED TV 55UM7340


LG – 43” U7340 LG SMART UHD TV


LG – 49″ – Full HD LED Digital & Satellite TV (49LJ510V)

KSh49,000.00 KSh47,000.00

LG – 49″ – Smart 4K UHD TV (49UK6400)

KSh60,000.00 KSh58,000.00

LG 32LM550BPVA- HD TV 32″ – Digital TV

KSh22,000.00 KSh19,900.00

LG 32LM630BPVB – 32″ Smart LED TV – Inbuilt Wi-Fi – New Model


LG 43” Full HD 1080p Smart LED TV – Class (42.5” Diag)


LG 43″ – Smart Full HD LED TV – Web OS – (43LK5400PTA)


LG 43LJ510V 43″ Full HD LED Digital and Satellite TV


LG 43LK5730PVC Smart Full HD TV


LG 43LK6100PLB – 43″ LG Smart TV with webOS

KSh44,000.00 KSh41,999.00

LG 43LK6100PLB 43″ LG Smart TV with webOS


LG 43UM7340PVA, 43″ – UHD Smart Digital TV – Black


LG 49″ Full HD SMART TV (49LK5730PVC)

KSh53,000.00 KSh47,990.00