The 5 Best Home Theaters Systems to Buy

If you’re serious about getting the very best movie or TV experience in the comfort of your living room, you need a home theater system. The good news is we’re taking the work out of listing down the speakers, the receiver, the cables and putting it all together in one convenient list. Home theater starter, offer everything you need for the best audio experience on your own. Surround sound? Check. Receiver? Check. Let’s take a look at some of the best options you can grab today.


This type comes with a 5.1 channel Home Theater -4 tall boys 19000 WATTS PMPO and Bluetooth.
Basic Information

Brand: Skyworth Product: Home theater/Multimedia Speakers Model number: SQ516

Other Technical Details

-LED Lighting -19000watts -Bluetooth Connectivity -FM radio -USB port -SD card reader


2.  LG LHD657 DVD Home Theater System

Beyond having quality components, good sound, and an easy installation, a good home theater kit should give you everything you need to quickly set up your future center of entertainment.
this LG highly affordable Home theater system LHD657 come with:
1 USB 1HDMI: 1/ 1Type: Home Surround Speakers RMS, Front Speakers RMS, Center Speakers RM, Subwoofer RMS, Dolby Digital, Bluetooth, CD Playback, FM Tuner Support and more.


3. SONY BDV-E4100
Home theater kits are all about sound and video quality, but you shouldn’t have to sacrifice on the looks and feel of the system itself. Since you can stylize your home theater to your personal tastes, it’s nice to have a kit that will add an accent of sleek, elegant or modern decor into the space. The SONY BDV-E4100C offers both a unique presence and large sound that is great for home theaters and music entertainment setups alike.



4. LG DH3140S 5.1ch DVD Home Theater System
Made to stun its audience, the LG DH3140S 5.1ch DVD Home Theater System gives you an electrifying performance with great features and amazing outputs. It takes on a stunning black color that can join the rest of your entertainment equipment without looking off beat. Armed with Dolby Digital decoder, this system delivers powerful sound that comes as close to the real thing as possible. The two 45W surround speakers of this LG home theater will surely get you immersed in your content. The USB playback option allows you to enjoy the content from compatible external devices, such as tablets, smartphones, etc. It uses 5.1Ch audio and gives you an output of 300W, for a real cinema experience that’s quite compelling.


The Dolby Digital decoder produces high quality sounds that take you to a new world of uninterrupted, immersive entertainment. All your content will now be accompanied by pristine sound that is just the way the artist intended. The system is integrated with two 5.1Ch speakers that produce a powerful 45W output each. This makes for incredibly clear and powerful sound that complements the visuals onscreen.


This home entertainment system can also be utilized to listen to all your favorite radio stations. You can choose from a wide radio channel line up that the system offers up.


With the help of DVD Multi Format, you can watch videos and audios supporting different formats, such as DVD, CD or MP3. It eliminates the trouble of having to convert the media before you play it on the home theater system.

5.LG LHD457 5.1 Ch Home Theaters, DVD Player

Get the surround sound experience in your home with HTS DVD Full HD 330wats 5.1 Ch that brings to life every sound you hear with 5.1 channels 330W power output.
It brings theater like sound at your home and you can relish the best sound
quality that catches the thumping lows and delivers crisp high. You can never
miss out on even the faintest beat or rumble of leaves with the latest home
theater addition in your living space.

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  1. Peter says:

    Do you have a dvd player with radio?

    1. admin says:

      Hi Peter yes we do. Please Call us for further assistance.

  2. Edwin Omondi says:

    Do you have lg 756 LHD?

  3. Edwin Omondi says:

    I bought Sony dz950 home theater,but when I connect to tv it play only to tall boys and also when playing DVD it select only two,how do I sort this

    1. admin says:

      Hi Edwin, that has to be checked to determine the problem. Did you buy it from us?

  4. Gilbert ouya says:

    I need a home theatre of two tall boys three small speakers plus a sub woofers .it should be from Sony.how much is it

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      Hi Gilbert, thank you for visiting our website please follow the link below to view it

  5. Rehema says:

    How much is skyworth sq516 and does it have remote?

  6. John says:


    I am interested in a home theatre system. Same should be compatible with an LG TV (connectivity via Bluetooth or HDMI). Powerful subwoofer and side speakers preferably wireless.

    You have a place I view them?

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      Yes we are located in Nairobi RNG Plaza, 2nd Floor Shop No. S16.
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